A tale of two girls

This is a story that started some time ago. Let’s rewind all the way back to last year, when I first settled in Russia. We’ll take it exactly back to when I signed up to the gym with my mate. She was young curvy and pretty. Dressed in a simple sweater and one of those pencil skirts, along with trainers and obviously a mask on. But something was bubbling with us from the off. It was in the eyes. For the next couple of months, we would see each other from afar. We’d never really talk. She was the sales … Continue reading A tale of two girls

Little Miss Sunshine +1

It was early afternoon at the start of the week. The sun was shining finally for the first time since I’d arrived in Moscow. Without a coat on, I strolled down the street weaving past a few people who were making the most of the slightly elevated temperatures. I had slowed my pace down as my date was going to be late. That’s when I walked past this little Russian pixie. Long brown hair, a glowing tan and a light smile on her face. She looked into my eyes. I wasn’t in the frame of mind to do a set … Continue reading Little Miss Sunshine +1

A Winter’s stroll in Russia: who said you shouldn’t open 2-sets?

Preamble I’d spent my 1st month in Russia settling down, getting some sort of foundation in place, even if this isn’t permanent. Since early November I had started approaching again. And by mid-November I had hit my stride. So, it was a day off work and I had decided to get some sets under my belt. I’m located bang in the centre, and considering the freezing temperatures, I decided to hit the close-by malls for a change. Again, as I’ve found through out my time here so far, they have proved mostly fruitless. Only 1 solid lead has come up. … Continue reading A Winter’s stroll in Russia: who said you shouldn’t open 2-sets?

Girl 37 (Update)

The why I’ve only really been one for lay reports to be honest. And though I enjoy peoples’ ‘game’ posts, I’ve not really seen the point (too lazy) in writing them myself. But here marks a slight change. I’ll try to keep up with ‘regular’ posts. Not necessarily on game, but on ‘my’ game life. This continues with the theme that I’m only really doing these posts for me. And hopefully those that do read this either get some entertainment or vaule from what they read. Like I say, the lay reports I write and post are actually for me. … Continue reading Girl 37 (Update)

From Russia with love… and patience

This is a short long story. It started way back last Summer, probably around the time China were brewing a virus in their lab. I was in Russia on my first trip there. But only to visit a friend so daygame really did take a backseat. I ended up doing 8 sets total, but it could easily have been my greatest run (ever). I’ve already written about this in the past, but I would go on two 1st dates. One, an Algerian girl visiting friends. She was my 1st set of the trip and I would idate her. We then … Continue reading From Russia with love… and patience

A first post Corona lay report: the mixed Brit

The virus had started to lift. Things were beginning to go back to a sort of normal. The shops and restaurant were opening back up. Even the pubs and bars. But still some restrictions were in place. Before the virus, I’d thought I’d already made my last daygame trip to London in a long, long time. How wrong I was. My plans went a little to shit. We got locked up, but now we were allowed back out. But I still found myself in England. So, for the last couple of weeks I’d started to make the occasional trip into … Continue reading A first post Corona lay report: the mixed Brit

The actress. The girl that finally turned up

I was at work at the time, but not currently working when I drove past this cute Asian girl wearing a skirt on a cold weekday afternoon. The sun was out but it was still rather cold. This caught my attention. I continued driving past her and decided to park up. I got out and decided to have a better look at her. I’ve done this a few times, sometimes not going in. So I started to walk back towards her. She was nice, certainly approachable, a 7. As I say, she was in a skirt, boots and a big … Continue reading The actress. The girl that finally turned up

The quiet Brazilian waitress

Now I wasn’t initially going to write this up. Probably due to laziness. But my fans need me. I actually didn’t make any notes so I’ll have to go on memory and my Feed. Don’t worry though, it’s still quite fresh in my mind due to its uniqueness in comparison to my others. The holiday It was a holiday with mates. Non game mates. The focus was sun, beer, beach and fun. We’d had one night out where I’d gotten a chance to test how my non-nightgame experiences had translated over to nightgame. Things went alright. It was quite fun, … Continue reading The quiet Brazilian waitress

The lonely Chinese traveller

It was a lazy Saturday afternoon. I was taking a welcome break from work and decided to go for a good old walk before hitting the gym. I had lost the strong, sexual desire to approach from the previous week, but was still intent on breaking my 2-month dry spell. After a little while walking without seeing much (apart from 2 weaselled approaches), I spotted this girl walking along the standard tourist route alone with a fat camera in hand, head going from side to side.   I almost let her go as I came up with a few excuses … Continue reading The lonely Chinese traveller