Shameless (delayed) T*nd*r Lay Report


So it’s come to this.

2018 came around and I evidently haven’t returned permanently London like I had hoped*. But anyway, the reason I mention this is 2 fold. 1. I said I’d write a post about my plan in the new year and I’d rather use a sentence to cover that. 2. It’s the reason my 1st 2018 notch was from T*nd*r.

Now, I remember days gone by, especially since starting daygame, when I used to chastise T*nd*r. And I still don’t like it to a certain extent. The girls you get out will generally be (well) below par and it doesn’t get you out the house talking to girls, to name just 2.

But then, it does saves you a lot of time.

Back in the new year I had set myself the goal of beating last year’s lay count, with notches being the most quantifiable way of showing improvement.

I was confident. I knew I would significantly slow down on the approaches with me living in a tiny city and having other priorities, but I had plans to join female laden classes.

Then January sped by and I still wasn’t getting very far… so I visited the App Store.

There I downloaded a slew of dating apps… and Instagram.

From there I filtered the dating apps down to T*nd*r, as the rest have proved to be nothing short of useless, and started messaging LOTS of girls. Both on T*nd*r itself, as well as Instagram.

Now, what I do is obviously to swipe right on doable girls. But then if I take a particular fancy to one I’ll click and bring up their bio to see whether they have Instagram… If so, I’ll then go onto their profile and slide a DM in (if on 2nd look they are especially worth it)**.

From these lead funnels I have subsequently managed to get girls out. Now I meet them initially in a coffee shop for a drink. I mainly do this for convenience, as I’ll go in beforehand to work on my biz. But then, when she arrives and I’m putting my things away, she’ll ask about it. On the other hand, if she flakes, I can just continue working and it doesn’t really bother me.


So 1 of them I got out was this cute Sicilian girl. Brunette, light tan, fringe, specs, sexy accent. I was pleasantly surprised. When she came over I offered her some money to go get herself a coffee. She declined, I insisted, she further declined, so I left her to it. She had something about her.

When she came back we just chatted. Nothing exceptional. Lots of rapport, some teasing, strong eye contact (which she would break away from after a bit). I also seeded for a date round hers for some home cooked Italian food.

Not a lot really happened here. Kino was difficult (sitting opposite), but I knew that before.


For our 2nd date, I picked her up from hers. Texting to get her out had been easy. She was interested.

We small talked a bit and I continued with the teasing. We parked up in the city centre on a Sunday night for a beer. I was going to take her to a quiet, chilled out pub a had taken a different T*nd*r girl for a 1st date the night before, but it ended up being shut.

Instead I just took her to my 2nd venue; a cool, secluded pub with a great selection of beers. So I ordered our beers, told her to find us a spot and sat myself right next to her.

It was a fairly standard date, minus any old school PUA dating tools I have used in the past. I made sure to ramp up the kino (making up for lost time) and made the mood a lot more sexual.

We did end up talking Italian (her) and French (me) to each other. She said she found French to be the sexiest language. Eventually, I said ‘I want to kiss you’ in French. She guessed the meaning, but corrected her. Easy make out.

Nothing else significant really happened. I again seeded for dinner around hers. We walked back to my car.

She did try taking the lead at one point on the walk back by suggesting to cross. I dismissed it, but she crossed anyway. I just stayed on the same side letting her walk. A minute or 2 later she came back to my side… so I crossed back over a little further down the road.

A form of shit test I guess***.


This was a foregone conclusion, providing I didn’t fuck up. I went round hers, she had cooked me an Italian dish. We ended up eating with a couple of her other Italian housemates (1 hot, 1 not). Afterward food and clearing the dishes they filtered off to their rooms. I assumed they approved.

We eventually went back to her room after some guitar and a very quick drink. S*x then ensued after some Netflix. Sexy breasts, sweet walls. The mini duck was broken. Onward and upwards.

She has subsequently become a regular. Now looking to add to the pack…



*I am now working on a big project to make myself location independent

**For more details about Instagram game check out Kyle Trouble’s Ultimate Instagram Guide

***I’ll find out at what point she decided she’d have sex with me next time I see her


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